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3d34OnlineMall Newcastle is a new online shopping community offering safe online shopping, special offers, rewards and freebies from your local traders. Our difference  includes many local traders under one roof plus complete shopping support for convenience and peace of mind.

We like to support ethical trading, local products, local events and services whilst negotiating tonnes of value on your behalf. Enjoy our free shopping community along with free classifieds listing, recipes, coupons, gift vouchers and much much more.

So please join us and help spread the word so we can make the world a tiny bit better step by step.

Opening Competition

  1. Do you like to support your local business community and ethical sound business around the world ?
  2.  Would  you like to receive real cash rewards for doing so?


Are you a small business?

  • Do you wish you could access the power of the ever increasing sales in  the virtual world, without having to spend a fortune?
  • Are  you  a revolutionary at heart?

Join us  as a shopper,  merchant and/or  affiliate…..the revolution has started! 


Shopping Mall Features

  • Complete On-line Shopping Directories for easy search
  • Individual Business Stores to shop with – all within the Mall
  • Secure Payment Processing
  • e-Store Coupons and discount codes
  • e-Store and Mall news updates
  • Login with Facebook
  • Customer Rewards and Membership Program
  • Cash back Offers
  • Social Members Community
  • Community Classifieds
  • Special Offers and product clearances

Safer Shopping

  • OM seeks to provide secure shopping experience
  • OM carefully selects its own merchants carefully reducing the risk of identity theft.
  • OM manages strives to manage content to reduce misleading information on products.
  • Scams & Frauds – OM does not list unauthorised organisations that sell counterfeit goods.
  • Before  a merchant is listed, OM takes every possible measure to ensure that they are a legitimate business.
  • Use OM & eliminate 3 main safety risks associated with shopping on-line.
  • Identity theft, Misleading Information & Exposure to Scam & Frauds

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Register now for 24/7 SHOPPING CONVENIENCE & enjoy great shopping rewards


OnlineMall Newcastle is more than just another virtual shopping site  It is much more than that.

Our aim is for our users to be able to find just about anything they are looking for in Newcastle.  

Be it that special Health Practitioner or the latest fashion item arriving at your local store.

And hopefully  you agree with us that the worlds could need a few changes, so we decided to only allow local Australian made goods on this site or if produced overseas, we make sure the suppliers have Fair Trading Agreements in place.  Thank you for your support.

Check out what else we can offer:

  • General Classifieds

  • Social Community

  • Coupons and Freebies

  • Food & Recipes

  • Directory Search

  • Job Search

  • Property Search

  • Auto Search


Well hello there! … we are so glad that you are here! We are a group of passionate people, who believe that abundance should be experienced by all. Our vision is to create one of the biggest, if not the biggest Online Shopping Community stretching across the globe, starting right here in Australia. Our philosophy is best summarised by these two quotes from Sir Winston Churchill: ‘Together we’re strong, divided we fall.’ and ‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’

Physical shopping centres offer a win-win scenario for both consumers and retailers. For consumers, shopping centres provide a single location in which to conduct all (or at least most) of their shopping needs. The primary benefit is the convenience of a one-stop shop. And even in today’s digital society, that benefit holds strong. I frequent my local shopping centre on at least a fortnightly basis. And I’m more likely than most to buy my goods online.

For retailers, the benefit is dead simple – foot traffic. Few other locations can deliver the scale of foot traffic of a shopping centre, aside from a handful of select shopping strips. So it’s easy to see why shopping centres have become a core component of our retail infrastructure.

However, what are the benefits of a the existence of digital version?

  1. Localisation – easy search for local traders under one roof
  2. Cross promotional offers from a variety of merchants
  3. Consistent and reliable suppliers
  4. Localised customer support

Are you a small business owner tired of declining sales?

Tired of just working for expenses with no disposal income for fun?

Or maybe you’re a medium sized business, which is tired of going around in circles, with no real growth in revenue?

Are you overwhelmed with the rapid development of on line sales?

Are you looking for affordable marketing and growth possibilities for your business?

OnlineMall Newcastle is offering businesses an opportunity to secure a 24/7 online store in a busy online shopping centre for a small investment. LEARN MORE

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